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Hindu extremist leader known for rape threats calls for genocide of Muslims

Less than a year after being arrested for threatening to kidnap and publicly rape Muslim women, Hindu extremist leader Bajrang Muni Das has now made brazen calls for a genocide of Indian Muslims to turn India into a Hindu nation.

“…The Muslim jihadis must be eliminated to automatically turn India into a Hindu Rashtra [nation],” Muni, who is out on bail, said in a video circulated widely on social media.

This is not the first time Muni has called for violence against Muslims. Last year, he used a loudspeaker in front of a mosque to call on Hindus to kill Muslims, and then threatened to drag Muslim women out of their homes and rape them in front of the mosque. He was seen supported by the police officials from the Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttar Pradesh state. 

Though Muni was booked for his rape remarks, he was granted bail within only ten days. While speaking to reporters, Muni said he had no guilt.

Despite his track record of hatemongering, the Hindu supremacist Uttar Pradesh government granted him two armed bodyguards. 

Hindu extremist leader offers reward for Hindu men who “trap” Muslim women

Hindu extremist leader Pramod Muthalik has been caught on video offering job security and other benefits to Hindu men who “trap” Muslim women in marriages and convert them to Hinduism. 

Muthalik is a powerful Hindu supremacist leader and the head of the Hindu supremacist group Sri Ram Sena.

Speaking at a public event in Hindu supremacist BJP-ruled Karnataka state, he gave an open invitation to men to trap “10 Muslim girls for each Hindu girl” to counter “Love Jihad.”

Love jihad is a propaganda narrative circulated by Hindu extremists, claiming that Muslim men have an agenda to seduce Hindu women into marriage and then force them to accept Islam. However, successive probes have failed to find any evidence that such a conspiracy exists.

Muthalik is also set to contest in the upcoming elections in the state. He claimed that some BJP leaders have offered financial help for his election campaign.

Three Hindu extremists accused in murder of two Muslim men are police informers

At least three Hindu extremists responsible for brutally lynching two Muslim men in BJP-ruled Haryana state were found to be police informers.

Police records show that the Hindu extremists Rinku Saini, Lokesh Singla, and Shrikant are described as informers in at least four police reports.

These three are among the five people initially booked for lynching Nasir and Junaid, whose charred bodies were found in a car after they were set ablaze by Hindu supremacists over false suspicions of cow theft. Of these, only Saini has been arrested so far.

Police officer Satish Kumar said that Saini, Singla, and Shrikant have often passed tips about suspected cattle smugglers to the authorities. 

“Their role is limited to passing information to the police,” he said. “On some occasions, they have accompanied the police as witnesses.”

Cow vigilantism, or Hindu mob violence against Muslims who transport or slaughter cows, has become dangerously commonplace in Hindu supremacist Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India.