Hindu Extremist Mob Pelt Stones At Muslim Homes, Set Mosque Ablaze In Madhya Pradesh - IAMC

Hindu Extremist Mob Pelt Stones At Muslim Homes, Set Mosque Ablaze In Madhya Pradesh

A violent mob of Hindu extremists set a mosque ablaze after planting idols on the walls of a nearby dargah, or a shared religious space, in Madhya Pradesh state. After arsoning the mosque, the Hindu extremists went on to pelt stones at Muslim homes in the area, injuring a Muslim youth and leaving his face bloodied.

“There is a Dargah close to this area where a Hanuman Idol was installed, which led to an argument between the two groups,” reported Superintendent of police Neemuch City, Suraj Kumar.

“A few youths resorted to stone pelting, which damaged some vehicles. The people have been asked to stay indoors. We have adequate police personnel at the station for now,” he added.

A curfew has been imposed in the area following the anti-Muslim hate crime.

Supreme Court Passes Anti-Muslim Order Sealing Part Of Mosque On False Information That Hindu Religious Structure Was Found Inside

In a blatantly Islamophobic move to appease Hindu extremists, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that the ablution fountain (wudu area) of the centuries-old Gyanvapi masjid in Uttar Pradesh state should be sealed off for “protection” after Hindu extremists declared that the fountain was a Shivling, or a symbol representing the Hindu deity Shiva. While Muslims will still be allowed to pray inside, they will not be allowed to do ablution, which is a necessary pre-prayer ritual.

The verdict comes on the heels of Hindu extremists’ attempts to claim that the Taj Mahal as well as other historic mosques contain Hindu idols and religious symbols as “proof” that they were once temples, indicating the tight grip Hindu extremism has on all pillars of Indian democracy.

“The order is unfair, we hope the SC will completely stay the order and recognise unfairness in ignoring the 1991 Places of Worship Act, Allahabad HC order and sealing without hearing the other party. The order of the trial court was wrong, unfair and illegal,” said Asaduddin Owaisi, chief of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

The court’s implicit support for the Hindu extremist claim that Gyanvapi is a repurposed Hindu temple rather than a mosque has emboldened Hindu extremists to attack other Muslim relics, including politician Sudin Dhavalikar, who falsely proclaimed that Shivlings could be found in mosques in the Goa state.

While Minorities Rot In Prisons For Years, Supreme Court Grants Bail To Hindu Extremist Who Organized Event Where Calls Were Made For Muslim Genocide

Vocal Islamophobe and Hindu supremacist leader Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, who was arrested for making hate speeches supporting a Muslim genocide during the Haridwar hate speech event in December 2021, has been granted  three months of interim bail by the Supreme Court on medical grounds.

During the event, Tyagi and other Hindu supremacist leaders had used derogatory language against Muslim beliefs and called for Hindus to take up weapons and wage a war against Muslims.

By contrast, Father Stan Swamy, an elderly Jesuit priest and human defender, was arrested under India’s draconian anti-terrorism law and denied his basic rights, including a straw to drink water from due to his Parkinson’s disease. Father Swamy passed away in prison in 2021 after contracting Covid-19. Other activists and journalists, especially Muslims, have also been imprisoned for years for exercising basic human rights and criticizing the Modi regime.

Dalit Youth Abducted, Tortured For 2 Days For Texting Upper Caste Girl; Dalit Wedding Attacked 

In two separate instances, Hindu extremists unleashed violent attacks against Dalits without provocation. In Karnataka state, 20-year-old Ganesh, a Dalit youth, was abducted and tortured for two days by a mob of 60 Hindu extremists for messaging a girl from an upper caste.

In addition to being brutally assaulted, Ganesh was also paraded through the village where he was being held captive. His mother was also locked up by the Hindu extremists and forced to drink alcohol.

The brutal attack sparked outrage amongst Dalit activists, who are demanding the immediate arrest of Ganesh’s attackers.

In Madhya Pradesh state, Hindu extremists pelted stones at a Dalit wedding procession and forced the wedding party to seek police protection. The extremists only dispersed after police threw tear gas shells.