Hindu professor advocates for targeting of Palestinian children - IAMC

Hindu extremist university professor advocates for mass targeting of Palestinian children

A university professor in Karnataka state, Dr. Tilak Gasti, shared hateful, anti-Muslim, and anti-Palestinian content on his WhatsApp status, including by sharing pictures of a 3-year-old Palestinian child and his mother and calling them “terrorists.”

Disturbingly, Tilak also advocated for the mass targeting of Palestinian children and the destruction of Jerusalem’s Masjid-al-Aqsa, the third holiest site in Islam. 

“India with you Israel. Demolish Al Aqsa mosque as earliest as possible [and] build third temple,” said Tilak in one of his posts.

BJP-ruled Gujarat state epicenter of targeted violence against minorities: Report

A new report from the civil rights group Minority Coordination Committee (MCC) has found that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Gujarat state was India’s “epicenter” for violent attacks against minorities last year, with a recorded 55 attacks on Muslims, Christians, and other minority groups. 

The report, titled “Targeted: Documenting Incidents Affecting Minorities in Gujarat,” highlighted police brutality against minorities, Hindu militant violence, and the use of Hindu religious processions to provoke communal violence against Muslims.

Key accused in anti-Muslim violence, stops interfaith marriage while out on bail

In BJP-ruled Haryana state, Hindu extremist leader Bittu Bajrangi, a key accused in Haryana’s recent outbreak of anti-Muslim violence in August, forcibly stopped the marriage of an interfaith couple. In a video of the incident, a group of Hindu extremists can be seen harassing a Muslim man and questioning the woman’s decision to marry him.