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Hindu Extremists Call Muslims A Cancer, Say They’ll Behead Muslims 

In multiple incidents across India, Hindu extremists used genocidal language and made violent threats against Muslims. In Bengaluru city, Karnataka,  Hindu supremacists at a hate speech event spewed genocidal fear-mongering statements about Muslims.

“They [Muslims] are taking over our country like a disease… That is why we have organised this meeting to make people aware that we need a Hindu Rashtra,” one speaker said, while another referred to Muslims as a “cancer” engaged in “land jihad.”

Another speaker, lawyer GM Nataraj, falsely claimed that the azaan is a call “for every Muslim to wake up and pray and resolve that they will kill others.”

In Uttar Pradesh state, Ravi Sonkar, a member of the violent Bajrang Dal extremist group, recorded a viral video threatening to behead Muslims who pray in the historic Gyanvapi masjid, which Hindu extremists have attempted to claim is a temple.

“It is sad that these people (Muslims) have used our shivling to clean their dirty hands and legs for years. We will behead those heads,” he said.

While the video has been circulating for two days on Twitter, no police action has been taken against Sonkar.

Also in Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremists attempted to spark tensions and potential violence by illegally leading a hateful rally through a Muslim locale in Kasba Ichauli village. The mob of 20-25 extremists blasted anti-Muslim songs on a loudspeaker and waved saffron flags. Police arrested only six of the extremists for holding the rally without permission.

Court Restores Hindu Extremist Plea To Demolish Historic Shahi Idgah Mosque

In a shocking blow to the sanctity of historical Indian monuments and in violation of India’s protective Places of Worship Act, an Uttar Pradesh court has restored a Hindu extremist petition demanding the destruction of the 17th-century Shahi Idgah mosque.

“Right to sue of the plaintiff will stand restored. Case will be restored at its original number,” District Judge Rajesh Bharti said.

“The mosque was wrongly built on Krishna Janmabhoomi,” claimed Gopal Khandelwal, lawyer for the petitioner. “There was a compromise several years ago on the sharing of property, but that compromise was illegal.”

Hindu extremists have long claimed that the mosque was built over the birthplace of the Hindu deity Krishna. They have now staked claim over 13.37 acres of land around the mosque, despite the fact that a Krishna temple already exists near the mosque.

Shahi Idgah is now in danger of facing a fate similar to the Babri masjid, which was torn down by a mob of Hindu supremacists in 1992.

Cop Who Issued Notice Against Hindu Extremist Weapons Camp Transferred

A policeman who issued a notice against a weapons training camp for young Hindu extremists in Karnataka state was transferred. While senior police officers claim that his transfer had nothing to do with the notice, Indian law enforcement is notoriously influenced by Hindu supremacist groups, many of which are supported and protected by police personnel themselves.

The week-long weapons camp, led by the Hindu supremacist group Bajrang Dal, trained over 100 school-age Hindu extremists with air guns and other weapons. Despite clearly training young Hindus to engage in violence, the camp was defended by local Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Hindu supremacist C.T. Ravi as being a form of “self-defense.”

Meanwhile, Karnataka Congress has demanded the arrest of Bajrang Dal leaders for giving arms training to students on school premises.

Headmistress Held In Judicial Custody For Serving Beef At School Function

Dalima Nessa, headmistress of a school in Assam state, was arrested and placed in judicial custody for serving beef at a school function.

Despite the fact that beef consumption is legal in Assam, Nessa was booked under the ludicrous charges of “promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion” and “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings.”

The astounding difference in the police action taken against Indian minorities on baseless charges and Hindu extremists for participating in violence is a symbol of India’s collapsing system of law enforcement and justice.