Hindu extremists open fire outside mosque in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh - IAMC

Hindu extremists open fire outside mosque in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh

In far-right BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba, Hindu extremists opened fire outside a mosque while worshippers were offering prayers inside.

The act of intimidation comes days after a similar incident in Haryana’s Gurugram, where Hindu extremists fired shots outside a mosque on the eve of Holi. An eyewitness reported that the extremists attempted to break into the mosque and threatened to shoot him.

Hindu extremist cow vigilantes brutally thrash four men over alleged cattle transport

In Alwar, Rajasthan, members of a Hindu extremist cow vigilante group brutally assaulted four men and destroyed their truck over allegations of transporting cattle. All four victims have been hospitalized with serious injuries.

Earlier this week, in Solapur, Maharashtra, cow vigilantes assaulted truck drivers who were allegedly transporting beef. In Odisha, cow vigilantes affiliated with the extremist group Rashtriya Bajrang Dal violently assaulted two cattle traders.

Hindu men assault Muslim workers at fairs in Uttar Pradesh

A female Muslim guard at a fair in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur, Anees Begum, was beaten with shoes by two Hindu men, Sandeep Mishra and Rajesh Mishra, when she refused to let them go on rides for free. A similar incident occurred in Lucknow, where a Muslim ride operator, Mohammed Shakeel, was beaten by two Hindu men.