Hindu nationalism's alarming rise in the West - By CJ Werleman - IAMC
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Hindu nationalism’s alarming rise in the West – By CJ Werleman

….The United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia have thrown everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink – often in violation of their respective laws and constitutions – to mitigate the threat of “radical Islamic extremism.” 

But when it comes to the emerging threat of another form of religious based violent extremism, specifically militant Hindu nationalism or Hindutva, these very same governments are not only asleep at the switch but also unwittingly aiding and abetting its reach and influence, as evident in a new report that found the US government gave $833,000 in Covid-19 relief aid to five organisations that have ties to Hindu supremacist organisations….

Clearly, Western governments must do more to identify and quantify the considerable threat militant Hindu organisations pose to religious minorities and secular democratic values, and then command border agencies, social media companies and political parties to act accordingly….