Hindutva Groups Stoked Communal Tensions With MP Govt's 'Tacit Approval': Fact Finding Report - IAMC
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Hindutva Groups Stoked Communal Tensions With MP Govt’s ‘Tacit Approval’: Fact Finding Report

A fact-finding team looking into the incidents of communal violence reported in late December 2020 in Madhya Pradesh has said that the Hindutva groups which were holding rallies to collect money for the Ram temple in Ayodhya were allowed by the administration and the police to create “an atmosphere of terror” and to burn and loot houses of Muslims.

The nine-member fact finding team included a former police officer, journalists and activists. It visited Ujjain’s Beghambagh, Dorona village in Mandsaur district and Chandankhedi village in Indore January 28 and 30 and perceived a “pattern” in all the incidents of communal violence.

“In the name of collecting donations for the Ram mandir to be built in Ayodhya, large numbers of armed Hindu youth with saffron flags, weapons and DJs deliberately chose bastis and mohallas with Muslim presence to hold rallies, creating an atmosphere of terror and trying to provoke the Muslim residents there, and foment trouble,” the report said….