Hindutva Ideology: India's Gradual Move Towards Genocide - By CJ Werleman - IAMC
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Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards Genocide – By CJ Werleman

In the space of a mere three decades hateful and divisive Hindu nationalist slogans have propelled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from a fringe political party to a national party to India’s ruling party, a result that has inflicted great harm on the country’s democratic institutions, bilateral relationships, global reputation and religious minorities.

It’s easy to forget today but BJP won just two parliamentary seats in the 1984 election, emerging as a national political force only after whipping up anti-Muslim sentiments…. In the six years since Narendra Modi led the party to victory in the 2014 elections, the BJP ruled government has chipped away at the rights of Muslims and cracked down on its critics, including political opponents, journalists, and human rights activists….

It’s little wonder famous Indian personalities, such as novelist Arundhati Roy, are warning “the situation in India is approaching genocidal,” a view shared also by prominent scholar in conflict and violence Dr. Gregory Stanton – who warned recently that “preparation for genocide is definitely underway in India,” adding, “The persecution of Muslims in Assam and Kashmir is the stage just before genocide. The next stage is extermination – that’s what we call a genocide.”…