How Hindustan Times 'killed' a report on Modi's new cabinet - By Supriti David - IAMC
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How Hindustan Times ‘killed’ a report on Modi’s new cabinet – By Supriti David

At 8.45 am on July 10, Hindustan Times, one of India’s leading English newspapers, published an article on Narendra Modi’s reshuffled union cabinet. Citing a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms, it pointed out that 42 percent of Modi’s ministers faced criminal cases and 90 percent were crorepatis.

HT wasn’t the only news outlet to cover ADR’s findings, but it was alone in taking down the story. The link to the story now leads to a 404 error page. Why would a leading paper take down a run-of-the-mill report? Prasad Sanyal, chief content officer at HT, claimed the vanishing of the story was “likely” a technical glitch….

A source at HT, however, gave Newslaundry purported evidence showing the report didn’t disappear due to a “technical glitch”, as Sanyal claimed. It was pulled down at the direction of a top editor….