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How People Across India Stood Against Hatred To Help Kashmiris Who Were Attacked After #Pulwama

India is angry. And why shouldn’t it be?

Since the brutal attack on the duty-bound CRPF soldiers in Pulwama in which dozens of the brave jawans were martyred, revenge has become the household emotion.

Infuriated and seeking answers, people are out in the streets raising slogans and placards against Pakistan from where terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad is believed to take shelter. Its leader Masood Azhar – who was once in Indian Jail – has been operating from there and is often accused of brainwashing young Kashmiris against India.


The Kashmir Walla

Meanwhile, some miscreants took the terror attack as an opportunity to target innocent Kashmiris studying and working in various parts of the country.

The reports first came from Jammu, where hundreds of Kashmiris were attacked and forced to leave their workplaces. Their identity became their enemy as the violent groups singled out Kashmiris and persecuted them. Meanwhile, on Saturday, horrific images of some Kashmiri girls from Dehradun emerged on social media. These girls had locked themselves in their rooms as they were being abused and shouted at by members of right-wing groups.

The miscreants tried to communalise the martyrdom of our brave soldiers who themselves never discriminate between people of different regions and religions.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh while receiving the bodies of the soldiers in Kashmir had ensured the safety of the Kashmiris and warned against communalisation of the issue. However, for some, anger for the loss of sons of the soil turned into hatred for fellow citizens just because the perpetrator of the crime happened to be a Kashmiri youth.

Little did the haters know that this is India, and for every single hater this country there are hundreds of people who spread love and offer help to those in need. As soon as information about the attacks on Kashmiris spread, people came forward to share their addresses and open their homes to those in trouble.

The generous souls

Nasir Khuehami from J&K students’ organisation has been working tirelessly to ensure safety for stranded Kashmiris. However, he is disappointed with the way Kashmiri politicians have responded to the cries for safety.

“None of the top leaders we spoke to come forward for help. I have been coordinating from Srinagar. I am thankful to DIG north Kashmir and SSP Dehradun, who have helped the Kashmiris in this situation. Khalsa Aid must also be thanked for its support in Punjab, they are ensuring food and safety to the Kashmiris there,” Nasir told Indiatimes.

Nasir wishes to thank all the people who have helped Kashmiris and says that there is still a lot to be done to restore peace and confidence among fellow citizens.


Nasir Kulehami/Facebook

Ritu Tiwari, an interior designer from Kolkata, was one of the first few people to invite the Kashmiris into her home. She says anyone who feels insecure can take her address and reach her home.

“I am not afraid to provide my address, but not on public platform, because people may misuse this. I am not at all afraid of any kind of attack on me,” Ritu told Indiatimes.

When asked about her family and friends’ response to the bold step she took, she said that her decision was appreciated by them.

Meanwhile, sitting in Hong Kong, Samar felt the unease of the Kashmiri youngsters who travel to different parts of India for education and work. Samar works with the Asian Human Rights Commission and understands the needs of the people who are persecuted during such times.