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Humra Quraishi’s Indian Muslims: A Community Under Siege


Title: The Indian Muslims: Ground Realities of the Largest Minority Community in India

Author: Humra Quraishi

Reviewer: Shaheen Nazar

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Indian Muslims… become a subject of global concern. Thanks to the policies of the current right-wing government, today they face an unprecedented existential crisis. Their “othering” is near complete. It is a subject of academic investigation if their present condition is worse or better than what it used to be during the reign of British who had snatched power from Muslims….


What Humra Quraishi has written in her latest book is not fiction. It’s a reality that has befallen the Muslims of India, especially after Modi has become prime minister of the country. Quraishi has documented the trials and tribulations that India’s largest minority has been going through – the destruction of Babri Masjid; the 2002 Gujarat pogrom; the endless arrests and imprisonment of Muslim youths; apprehensions, insecurities and fears; double standards and discriminations; and the regulation terrorist tag.


She also addresses the problems that the community faces from within; and myths and misconceptions about the Indian Muslims. Besides, she has opened her heart in “Author’s note” wherein she describes India at various stages of her life. “As a child or even as an adolescent I could have never imagined that a day would come when I, an Indian Muslim, will have to think twice what to eat, wear, or talk…. Or I could be side-tracked, if not hounded, if I am critical of the sarkar of the day…. Or I could be thrashed or detained by the cops if I raise my voice against the brutalities and atrocities unleashed on the citizens of the country….