'I Watched Them Electrocute My Brother-in-Law to Death': Dalit Worker Who Survived Lynching - IAMC
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‘I Watched Them Electrocute My Brother-in-Law to Death’: Dalit Worker Who Survived Lynching



A week after he witnessed a young relative being lynched to death in Gurugram’s Sector 37, Sanjay (he goes by his first name), a migrant worker from Uttar Pradesh, said he was anxious, unable to sleep and terrified….


Sanjay…. and his brother-in-law Anuj Kumar Gautam, a 21-year-old man who had come to the city to look for work from Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur district the previous month, were abducted by a group of local men in a SUV around 1 pm on August 2. The men, who run a badminton academy in Gurugram’s Sector 37C, accused both of them of stalking and sexually harassing a 16-year-old student of the Heritage Badminton Academy.


They beat Gautam to death, and also hit Sanjay with sticks, rupturing the left side of his forehead, before locking him in a toilet. Sanjay’s right leg is swollen; he walks with a limp and has bruises all over his body….