“I could shoot someone on 5th avenue” fake Modi declares in NYC action - IAMC

“I could shoot someone on 5th avenue” fake Modi declares in NYC action

Stunt links Trump claims to Indian assassination scandal


New York City, NY (December 20, 2023) — A giant puppet of Indian Prime Minister Modi rode Fifth Avenue in a convertible yesterday, December 19, with a banner declaring, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, OK?”” 

The claim echoes a controversial statement made by former presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

The stunt, organized by leading Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim diaspora organizations, seeks to highlight the Indian government’s alleged strategy of killing and intimidating US citizens of Indian descent overseas, and the US administration’s failure to address this. 

In June, Indian authorities reportedly tried to assassinate a US citizen in New York, at the same time as they killed a high-profile Canadian Sikh activist, and had the FBI worried enough to warn multiple Californian activists of similar threats. There is a clear pattern, as US prosecutors have noted

“The point we make is deadly serious,” said Sunita Viswarath of Hindus for Human Rights, “American lives are not chips in trade deals. Biden needs to let Americans — and Modi — know that our lives matter, and are protected.”

“The questions we ask ourselves are who is next and what will it take for our government to step up?” said Safa Ahmed of Indian American Muslim Council. “America needs to stand up for its own people, India’s people, and democracy itself.” 

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