'I Was Told to Stop Financing Farmers' Langar', Says Prominent PIO Deported from Delhi Airport - IAMC
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‘I Was Told to Stop Financing Farmers’ Langar’, Says Prominent PIO Deported from Delhi Airport

Days after he was deported from Delhi airport, US-based billionaire Darshan Singh Dhaliwal  said that he had been specifically targeted by immigration officials ever since he began funding a langar at the farmers’ protest site in Singhu, on January 6, 2021.


Every time he landed India this year, said Dhaliwal, immigration officials at the airport would repeatedly question him on why he organised the langar and who paid for it before letting him through. But last week, Dhaliwal – who is a US national and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) – found his passage to India barred.


Dhaliwal, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin , arrived in India on a Chicago-Delhi direct flight at 6.30 pm on October 23-24 to attend his niece’s wedding. But he was denied permission to enter by the immigration authorities who allegedly cited the same Singhu border langar for farmers as the reason. Dhaliwal told The Wire by telephone on Friday that he was told to stop organising such langars if he wanted to enter India again….