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IAMC Deplores Dr Binayak Sen’s conviction

December 27, 2010

Indian American Muslim Council deplores the verdict of life imprisonment handed to Dr. Binayak Sen, and expresses alarm at the judicial process which resulted in his conviction.

Dr. Sen, considered as one of the most prominent Human Rights activist in India, was falsely implicated on the basis of evidence allegedly planted by the police at the behest of powerful business interests, and the BJP led state government in Chhattisgarh. Despite the tremendous outpouring of support from the international community, including a campaign by 22 Nobel laureates to free him, Dr. Sen has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the lower courts on insubstantial grounds.

“Taken together with the faith based Ayodhya judgment earlier this year, this verdict deals a severe blow to the credibility of the lower courts as impartial institutions” said Rasheed Ahmed, President of IAMC.

IAMC demands a thorough and expedited review of this verdict by the Supreme Court and hope that the apex court would intervene appropriately to curtail this trend the lower courts become a tool of political retribution.

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