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IMC-USA Cautiously Optimistic at Makkah Masjid, Hyderabad Blasts’ Investigation

“Pleased” and “Optimistic” were the words used by Rasheed Ahmed, President, Indian Muslim Council-USA, while describing his feelings at the courageous demand made by Ms. Brinda Karat, CPI-M leader, on the investigation into the tragic Makkah Masjid bomb blast. reports that, after three years of investigation, the prestigious Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) believes that radical Hindu groups carried out the 2007 bomb attacks on Muslim holy places in Ajmer, and Hyderabad, that killed several people. CBI’s conclusions are based on Rajasthan Anti-Terror Squad’s meticulous investigation, resulting in the arrest of extremists – none of whom are Muslims. The accused are believed to be associated with Abhinay Bharat, a Hindu radical group that allegedly planned and executed the 2008 terror attack in Malegaon, Maharashtra, killing six and maiming over a hundred people.

Rajasthan’s Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal speaking to The Hindu newspaper on May 2nd, stated “Colonel Purohit, arrested for Malegaon blast, has confessed that Sunil Joshi organized the (Ajmer) Dargah operation with the help of Devendra Gupta.”

CBI says that identical explosives, and cell phone triggers were used in both the Ajmer blasts, and Hyderabad blasts.

While these terror attacks themselves were terribly frightening for all Indians, the government and media’s hastened acceptance without due diligence, wrongfully asserting that Muslims were responsible for it, surely created a ghastly and unending nightmare for scores of innocent Muslims and Muslim community at large. Young Muslims were falsely accused, arrested, and tortured. Such treatment of citizenry by the Police undermines the confidence in the professionalism and neutrality of the law and order. Further, torture of any human being whether accused or convicted does not suit a nation with aspirations to be a global leader.

Referring to CBI’s conclusion, Ms. Karat demanded to know the rationale for the pre-mature conclusions drawn by top ministers and officials, immediately after the blasts.

“We applaud the excellent and unbiased work by Rajasthan’s Anti-Terror Squad, and by the elite CBI. We join Honorable Ms. Karat in demanding immediate financial reparations to the innocent Muslims, falsely arrested in Hyderabad. Finally, we demand that measures be immediately implemented, to prevent Law Enforcement Agencies from rushing to similar hasty conclusions in the future.” said Mr. Ahmed of Indian Muslim Council-USA.


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