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IMC-USA Condemns Media-Intimidation Campaign by Hindutva-Fascists

September 16, 2002

Indian Muslim Council- USA condemns the campaign of intimidation against the US media by extremist Hindu organizations based in the US.

PBS will be showing a documentary, “Soul of a Nation”, on the recent ethnic cleansing in Gujarat, India in which over 2000 Muslims were killed, more than 600 women were raped and burnt alive and over 150,000 Muslims displaced. This violence was perpetrated by the right wing Hindu ruling party in India that claims the subjugation of minorities as its “Hindutva “ideology.

The Hindutva-fascist fronts are well organized in the United States. Recently they have launched a massive campaign to condemn and stop the showing of this PBS documentary “Soul of India” that exposes their involvement in the carnage. The documentary is to air on September 19th at 9pm ET (Soul of a Nation

The VHP-America (World Hindu Council) website now openly urges people to call up and condemn the Gujarat documentary which exposes the genocide and massive gang rapes that took place in India. Most right wing Hindu mailing lists are now flooded with this campaign notice.

This is one of the first documentaries to be shown in the US about the bloodbath that took place against Muslims in India. It is important that the American Muslim community have a sizeable counter-campaign that will, if not encourage, should at least not discourage PBS from airing such exposes in the future.

IMC-USA urges all Americans to rise up and defend the freedom of speech. We are urging our members and supporters to launch a counter campaign in support of freedom of speech. For the PBS Stations in your local area, visit:

PBS documentary should just be the first step. What is needed is follow up coverage of the infiltration by the fascist fronts in the American society and their fund raising activities to support their genocidal comrades in India. In light of the recent alarming media reports of open threats of further pogroms by Hindutva-fascist leaders in India, the world media should focus on the growth of this cancer in the Indian society.

India is too big and too important a country to be allowed to be taken over by the Hindutva-fascists. A nuclear India controlled by these genocidal maniacs is a threat to world peace. Hindutva-fascist movement R.S.S was started on the model of the Italian Fascist party in the 1920s. Later it adopted the Nazi model. For more information on Hindutva-fascists please our websites or and download our newsletters, brochures and alerts.

For first hand information of the intimidation campaign by VHP-America please visit:

Contact Person: Dr. Shaik Ubaid (516) 567-0783