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IMC-USA’s Third Annual Convention to be addressed by Hindu Spiritual Leader

Featured Sessions include Women’s Empowerment and Human Rights

September 20, 2005

Detroit, MI. The IMC-USA convention to be held on October 1st in Detroit, will be addressed by Swami Agnivesh, the well-known Hindu religious leader and social reformer. Swami Agnivesh will join other prominent speakers such as Congressman John Conyers who will deliver the keynote speech, Dr. Jawahar Nesan, a Dalit leader and a tireless activist for social justice, Fr. Cedric Prakash a prominent Indian human rights activist, Munaf Zeena of Council of Indian Muslims, UK, Professor Biju Mathew, Dr. Shaik Ubaid and many others.

Zeeshan Farees, a spokeswoman for IMC-USA announced that the convention will feature sessions planned to galvanize momentum on issues like social activism, women’s empowerment and human rights and justice. The session on Women’s activism will include an interactive session led by Dr. Sania Zainuddin and will be addressed by Dr. Lise McKean. The session will focus on issues related to justice for female victims of the 2002 Gujarat pogroms, which had carried out sexual violence and rapes as a means of ethnic cleansing of minority communities. The participants will deliberate on means to enable and promote the upliftment of Indian women with a special focus on Muslim women.

Quaid Saifee, a Detroit area businessman and a founding member of IMC-USA, who will lead the Muslim business networking session, was confident that the third annual convention will not only keep the tradition of successive conventions, but will surpass the first two. He pointed out that this is the first major event where most of the players behind the successful campaign to revoke the visa of Narendra Modi, the architect of the Gujarat pogroms, will be gathering. He described the convention as, "prominent networking event for all those who value pluralism, peace, progress and prosperity".

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