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IMC Condemns the revenge killings of Hindus in Kerala

Washington, D.C. May 04, 2003. Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA), a Washington based advocacy group working toward safeguarding Indian society’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, condemns the recent revenge attack that killed Hindus in the village of Marad in the southern Indian state of Kerala. IMC-USA calls for a fair and thorough investigation of the attack and its causes and for the perpetrators to be promptly brought to justice.

“Kerala has long been an exemplary model for communal harmony,” M.K. Rahman, the Secretary General of the Indian Muslim Council-USA said, “However, the past few months have witnessed a rise in sectarian violence in Kerala, including the attack on an American Christian missionary in January 2003 by the Hindu ultra-nationalist group RSS and the killings of four Muslims in an earlier attack on the village of Marad. The international community and the Indian government should take note and action against groups like the RSS who are trying to uproot India’s secular fabric.”

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