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Indian Muslim Council-USA criticizes Imam Bukhari’s statements on 9/11

Chicago, I.L., 10/09/03 – Indian Muslim Council-USA, an advocacy group working toward safeguarding Indian society’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, expresses its disagreement with and disapproval of Imam Bukhari’s recent statements.

Indian Muslims and Indian Muslim Scholars joined other Muslim Scholars throughout the world in condemning the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Rasheed Ahmed, Vice-president of IMC-USA said “We strongly disagree with the recent statement made by Ahmed Bukhari, the Imam of Delhi’s Jamia Masjid, in which he had favorably described the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. As Muslim Americans we unequivocally condemn those attacks.”

Mr. Ahmed further added that “The Imam has made an irresponsible remark at a time when the community needs clarity and cohesion, on the one hand, and peace, amity and reconciliation with the rest of the world, on the other. These goals can never be achieved without moral integrity and civic responsibility.”

Since it was founded over a year ago, IMC-USA has been actively promoting values of pluralism and tolerance amongst the Indian Diaspora in the United States.

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