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Lawyers forum calls on Chief Justice of India to take action against hate speech in Haryana

As anti-Muslim hate speech and calls for violence grow alarmingly more common across Haryana state, the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum has written a letter calling on the Chief Justice of India to order the Haryana government to take strict action against hate speech. 

“The concern is magnified by the fact that the videos circulating on social media show individuals carrying arms in processions and chanting communal slogans in contravention of the Constitution,” said the letter. 

Meanwhile, opposition party leader Brinda Karat moved the Supreme Court to take action against escalating hate speech throughout India, including calls to kill Muslims and boycott them. 

Hindu extremist rallies blast provocative music in front of mosques, call for Muslims to be “chopped”

Hindu extremist rallies have continued to attempt to provoke reactions from Muslims across India. At a rally in Jammu, Hindu militants hanging out of car windows chanted, “When Muslims are chopped, they will cry, ‘Ram Ram’,” while rallies in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana resulted in Hindu militants blasting provocative anti-Muslim songs in front of mosques and dancing

In Madhya Pradesh, members of the Hindu militant groups Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad shouted Hindu war cries and slogans during an Independence Day rally held by Muslims. A scuffle ensued, after which a Hindu mob ransacked Muslim-owned shops in the area.  

Hate speeches call for Muslims to be shot, question Muslims’ right to vote

In Karnataka, Hindu extremist group leader Jagadish Karanth gave a venomous hate speech at an event, falsely claiming that Muslims “are again demanding partition” and adding that “these people should be shot or chopped.”

Serial hatemonger and Hindu supremacist news personality Suresh Chavhanke questioned whether Muslims deserved voting rights at a hate speech event in Uttar Pradesh. 

Police report registered after provocative hate speeches in Haryana

A police report has been registered after a massive hate speech event in Haryana state, where Hindu extremist speakers declared the Muslim-majority Nuh district a “cow slaughter-free” area, and demanded that Hindus be given relaxed restrictions in buying arms for “self defense.” 

Cow vigilante mob beats truck driver for transporting cattle

Cow vigilantes in Bihar state brutally beat a truck driver for transporting cattle. A video of the incident shows a mob of Hindu extremists dragging the terrified driver out of his truck and beating him, while one extremist opens the back of the truck to check for cattle.