Militants order Hindus to drive Muslims out - IAMC

Militants order Hindus to drive Muslims out of shops and homes or face consequences

In Haryana state, where anti-Muslim tensions remain high, members of the violent Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal held a rally in Kurukshetra city, demanding that Hindus expel Muslims from any rented shops or homes within the next two days. Otherwise, the militants threatened, they would face “consequences.”

Police witness says Hindu procession carried illegal weapons before Nuh violence

A police witness has reported that members of the Hindu militant procession that sparked anti-Muslim violence in Haryana state’s Nuh district were illegally armed and aggressive

Assistant Superintendent of Police Usha Kundu stated in a police complaint that despite being told not to carry any kind of weapons, several Hindu militants in the procession were illegally armed with swords, tridents, and other weapons. 

She added that when the police attempted to take one group’s weapons away, they were enraged, chanting slogans against the police, manhandling officers, and snatching their weapons back. They also threatened to kill police officers. 

Court orders RSS-run magazine to retract article accusing Christian principal of sexual exploitation 

The Delhi High Court has ordered a magazine run by the Hindu supremacist paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to take down a defamatory article accusing the principal of a Christian school of sexually exploiting students and staff. 

The article plays into Hindu supremacist rhetoric that demonizes Christians, claiming that the principal had “sexual activities with staff members, chefs and students and he has also been accused of financial wrongdoings.”