Manipur sexual violence video a “conspiracy to embarass govt,” - IAMC
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Manipur sexual violence video a “conspiracy to embarrass govt,” says Home Minister Amit Shah

In an act of utter disregard for the victims of a horrific case of sexual violence in Manipur state, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, a close ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that the video of the incident is a “conspiracy to embarrass the Modi government on the eve of the monsoon session of Parliament.”

In the video, two women from Manipur’s Christian-majority Kuki tribe are seen being paraded naked while being molested by a crowd of clothed men. 

Armed Hindu mob brutalizes Christian pastor and family in Uttar Pradesh

An armed mob of 30 Hindu extremists brutally attacked a Christian pastor and his family in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly converting Hindu villagers to Christianity. The victims reported that the mob, armed with knives and bamboo sticks, barged into a Sunday gathering, beat the pastor and his congregants, and vandalized the home church.

When the pastor called the police for help, he and his wife were detained instead of the attackers.  

Karnataka BJP, Hindu extremists falsely claim “jihadist network” targeting Hindu women

Hindu extremist social media accounts in Karnataka state, including the state Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) official handle, have claimed that a viral video of three female college students filming their Hindu classmate in a school restroom is evidence of a “larger jihadist network” targeting “hundreds of unsuspecting Hindu girls.”

While police have debunked these claims, reporting that the video was a one-off incident, the Karnataka BJP’s official Twitter added fuel to the fire by calling the students “jihadis” and claiming “institutional harassment” of Hindu women. 

Hindu supremacist gives hate speech against Christians in Manipur

At an event organized by the extremist group Hindu Mahasabha in New Delhi, Hindu supremacist leader and lawyer A.P. Singh made hateful comments about Manipur state’s Christian community.

The predominantly Christian Kuki tribe have been the victims of the brunt of the ethnic violence in Manipur, including beheadings, gang-rapes, and the torching of churches and villages.

Hindu militants demand dedicated police team for cow slaughter cases

The violent Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) have demanded that police in Uttar Pradesh state dedicate a special team to “clamp down” on cow slaughter.  

Hindu militants who take up cow vigilantism have been responsible for the increasing number of mob lynchings in India, where Muslim men are often fatally attacked on suspicion of cow transportation or slaughter.