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Muslim woman sexually assaulted

Muslim woman sexually assaulted by Hindu extremists in Madhya Pradesh

A mob of Hindu extremists in Madhya Pradesh state sexually assaulted a Muslim woman, Zarrin Khan, by violently groping her and tearing her clothes to the point where she thought she was going to be raped.

Khan reported that the four men called her anti-Muslim slurs while attacking her with sharp weapons, swords, bats, and iron rods, trying to “ruin her face.” When her cousin attempted to rescue her, he was also brutally beaten. 

Khan also reported that a woman from a nearby house brought a sword to the men, asking them to kill Khan and cut her into pieces.

Muslim man kidnapped, assaulted over suspicions of trading cattle in Gujarat

In Hindu supremacist BJP-ruled Gujarat state, violent Hindu extremists abducted a Muslim man, Umed Khan, over suspicion of trading cattle. He was then taken to a forest, where he was beaten with sticks, threatened with a machete, and forced to chant the Hindu religious slogan “Jai Shri Ram.”

Muslim students beaten in public in Uttar Pradesh

Students from an Islamic seminary in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh were beaten by a Hindu extremist who frivolously claimed that the students were about to throw fish inside a temple. The students were merely returning home with fish they had purchased from the market. 

Two Dalit men attacked, beaten in Uttar Pradesh

As a reminder of the persistent issue of caste-based discrimination in India, two Dalit youth in Uttar Pradesh state were brutally beaten and stabbed by upper-caste Hindu militants from the Bajrang Dal. The Hindu extremists also hurled abusive casteist slurs at the boys.

94-year-old rights activist sent to jail for protesting extrajudicial killings

A veteran human rights defender, Ayinoor Vasu, was arrested by police in Kerala state, sparking outrage from various sections and rights activists.The 94-year-old was sent to jail for fourteen days by a local court, in a seven-year-old case related to him protesting against the extrajudicial killing of two members of the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist).