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Members of Indian Union of Muslim League clean temple in flood-hit Kerala on Eid al-Adha

Thiruvananthapuram: The month of August started amidst immense uproar and tension as the Rajya Sabha and the President gave his nod to the abrogation of Article 370. With Jammu and Kashmir being split apart and to Ladakh being declared a Union Territory, this month has been full of ups and downs for India and its citizens.

While on one side, tension is on the rise in the country, Eid-al-Adha came as a soothing breather for the citizens. People from different parts of the country forgot their worries as they dressed up and thronged to Eidgahs or mosques and offered their prayers to Allah.

While it cannot be denied that the past few weeks have not been easy for the Kashmir Valley, prayers concluded there too, without any reports of violence. People living in the valley wished for the well-being of their family and their loved ones as they got together to celebrate the festival.

One such heartwarming story of communal harmony omes from Kerala, God’s own country which is fighting floods. Channelling the true spirit of Eid, members of the Indian Union of Muslim League (IUML) took to the streets in flood-hit Kerala and offered a helping hand to people in distress. The photos of the incident are nothing but heartwarming.

Kerala has been struggling with floods since the past few weeks and several lives have been lost due to the same. The members of the IUML decided to volunteer for cleaning the Pazhayangadi Mahadevi temple located in Kerala’s Kannur district.

Crossing all communal divides, the white guard of the league cleaned the flood-hit temple on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. The pictures of the members were posted online and they won the hearts of the netizens. People on the internet appreciated the white guard for setting the right example for the rest of the country. While many people have been pitting the two religions against each other, the white guard practised humanity as they decided to cross all barriers and cleaned the temple.

Social activist Rahul Easwer shared the picture of the white guard of Twitter and lauded them for the gesture. Easwer called the visuals “one of the most inspiring photos of Eid”. He further went ahead to write “The real way forward for India and World is this Kerala model.”

The white guard cleaned the temple without any prejudice in their minds and followed the principle of oneness. Instead of preaching humanity, communal harmony or unity, the members of the league led by example as they adopted a secular approach and took the positive step.