'Modi's Leadership Main Reason for COVID Mishandling, He's a Megalomaniac' - Ramachandra Guha with Karan Thapar  - IAMC
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‘Modi’s Leadership Main Reason for COVID Mishandling, He’s a Megalomaniac’ – Ramachandra Guha with Karan Thapar 



In a hard-hitting and sharply critical interview, one of India’s most highly regarded historians and widely read political commentators has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership style is the principal reason for the mishandling of the present COVID-19 crisis.


Although Ramachandra Guha also blames Modi’s “sycophantic cabinet”, the country’s institutions, including the Supreme Court, which have let down the country and the yes-men officials and bureaucrats who Modi has surrounded himself with, he says the main blame and responsibility rests squarely on the prime minister’s shoulders….


In his interview to The Wire, Guha identified three of Narendra Modi’s traits which he says lie behind the mishandling of COVID-19. The first is his “suspicion of experts and expertise”…. “The fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic would have been far less serious had the PM based his policies on the advice of India’s top epidemiologists rather than his penchant for the spectacular and dramatic,” he said….