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Muslim Man Who Married A Hindu Woman Is Killed By A Member of Woman’s Caste

A Muslim man who married a Hindu woman was killed by members of the woman’s caste in Karnataka’s Koppala district on Thursday. The Muslim man, Pashawali Mohammad Saaba, 27, had married a woman from the Hindu Talawara community.

According to reports, following the Muslim man’s killing, retaliatory violence by a mob in the Hindu neighborhood killed Saaba’s murderer, Yankappa Talawara.

The tragic violence is a grim reminder of the hatred created by the fake narrative of “Love Jihad,” spurred by the Hindu supremacists opposed to Hindu women marrying Muslim men of their choice.

Hindu Extremist Leader Pramod Muthalik Banned From Entering Gadag District Where Hindu Supremacists Stabbed Two Muslims

Pramod Muthalik, a long-standing hatemonger and Hindu extremist, was banned from entering Karnataka state’s Gadag district on Friday where two Hindu extremists had stabbed two Muslims earlier in the week.

Toufeeq Hosamani (23) and Mustaq Hosamani (24) were stabbed in their abdomen, chests and legs as they participated in Muharram, the observance of the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandon’s family centuries ago.

Muthalik had announced he would reach the district to meet Somu Gudi, one of the Hindu extremists involved in the stabbing. But the authorities prevented him from doing so.

The condition of Toufeeq Hosamani, who is hospitalized, is serious.

Dalit Village Council President Killed In Tamil Nadu For Opposing Corruption, Says Independent Fact-Finding Report

A Dalit leader of a village panchayat, the village council, was murdered in Krishnanagar district on August 2 because he was opposed to corruption, an independent fact-finding investigation by a nonprofit has claimed.

The NGO has rejected the claim of the police that the Dalit man was murdered over a financial dispute.

Narasimhamoorthy, President of a panchayat in Krishnagiri district, belonged to the Dalit community, which is the lowest caste in Hindu society and has been discriminated against for centuries.