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Supreme Court Facilitates Freedom For Hindu Rapists In 2002 Gujarat Violence Case

The Supreme Court facilitated freedom for 11 Hindu extremists who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for gang-raping a Muslim woman and brutally assaulting her family during the 2002 Gujarat state pogroms. The men are walking free after serving only 15 years in prison.

The victim, Bilkis Bano, was attacked by a Hindu mob along with 16 other family members while fleeing Hindu extremist mob violence in her Gujarat village. Bano, who was five months pregnant, was gang-raped and brutally assaulted, along with her mother and other women in her family. Bano’s three-year-old daughter was killed when a Hindu extremist smashed her on the ground. Only three members of the family survived the attack, including Bano.

Despite the brutality of the crime, the 11 Hindus convicted were granted remission from the state government upon direction from the Supreme Court.

Gujarat’s 2002 pogroms were carried out by Hindu extremists mobs under Narendra Modi, who was then the state’s Chief Minister. Eyewitnesses report that children were force-fed petrol and then set on fire, pregnant women had their babies cut out of their wombs and thrown into flames, families were electrocuted in their homes, and groups of women were stripped, violated with objects, and beaten to death.

Despite evidence pointing to Modi’s complicity in allowing the violence to unfold, the Supreme Court has refused to hold Modi accountable and struck down a recent plea for a re-investigation into the violence.

Hindu Extremists Draft New Constitution, Strip Voting Rights For Muslims, Christians

Days before India’s 76th Independence Day, a group of 30 prominent Hindu extremist seers and scholars announced that they had drafted a new constitution to establish India as a Hindu nation and strip voting rights from Muslims and Christians.

The document also proposes mandatory military training for all citizens and an end to the current secular basis of the justice system, transforming India from a secular democracy into a fascist theocracy. The draft will be presented in full at a Hindu extremist gathering scheduled for 2023.

“It will abolish the rules and regulations of the British period and everything will be conducted on the basis of the Varna (caste) system,” said Swami Anand Swaroop, patron of the drafting committee.

In 2021, Swaroop shared the stage at an event in Haridwar city with several Hindu supremacist leaders who called for a Rohingya-style genocide against 200 million Indian Muslims.

“You decide that you will not buy anything from a Muslim. If you destroy them socially, politically and economically, they will begin converting to Hinduism from Islam… Pick up swords, guns or whatever you have. War has been declared and it will go on till we have a Hindu nation,” Swaroop said at the event.

Hindu Extremist Diaspora Celebrates Independence Day With Bulldozers In NJ

Hindu extremists in Edison, New Jersey celebrated Indian Independence Day by parading with bulldozers, which have become a symbol of Modi’s Hindu supremacist regime and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) destruction of Muslim-owned homes and shops as punishment for resistance.

Posters of Modi and Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh state’s Chief Minister and a vitriolic Hindu supremacist, were mounted on the bulldozer.

The Hindu supremacist ideology has become normalized among the Indian diaspora in the United States. Organizations such as the paramilitary Hindu supremacist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP have overseas branches that perpetuate Hindu extremism overseas.

Upper-Caste Hindu Teacher Beats 9-Year-Old Dalit Boy To Death For Drinking Water 

In India’s latest incident of caste-based violence, a nine-year-old Dalit boy was brutally beaten by an upper-caste Hindu extremist teacher in Rajasthan state. The boy, Indra Meghwal, succumbed to his injuries and died on August 13.

The accused, Chail Singh, beat Indra because he had drunk from a water pot “reserved” for upper-caste teachers. Hindu extremists believe Dalits to be “untouchables,” resulting in rampant discrimination and caste-based violence.

“On July 20, my son Indra… was beaten up by teacher Chail Singh because he drank water from an earthen pot meant for Singh. My son didn’t know that the pot was meant for Singh, who belongs to an upper caste,” said Dewaram Meghwal, the boy’s father.

After the attack, Meghwal added, “there was bleeding from [Indra’s] ear and thereafter, he couldn’t move one side of his body… Caste discrimination is responsible for his death.”

Singh has been arrested and a case has been registered against him for murder.

Hindu Extremist Leader Tells Hindus To Boycott Indian Flag, Own Saffron Flags Instead

Militant Hindu supremacist leader Yati Narsinghanand, who has previously been arrested for anti-minority hate speech, has called upon Hindus to boycott the central government’s campaign to encourage every household to buy the Indian tricolor flag ahead of Independence Day.

Instead, Narsinghanand told his followers that Muslim flag-makers were profiting off the increased demand for flags.

“This is one big conspiracy against Hindus. If you [Hindus] want to stay alive, then stop giving your money to Muslims in the name of this campaign,” Narsinghanand said in a viral video.

“Teach a lesson to these politicians…They cannot use your [Hindus’] money to make Muslims rich and subsequently make arrangements for them to kill your children,” he added. “Every Hindu should have a saffron-colored flag on his house.”

The color saffron is a holy color to Hindus. However, Hindu extremists have co-opted the color as a symbol of support for the Hindu supremacist movement.