Muslim man’s home bulldozed in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh - IAMC

Muslim man’s home bulldozed in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh

In far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur, officials bulldozed the house of a Muslim man, Rahim Patel, over allegations of pelting stones at a Hindu religious procession. Muslim residents, however, said that participants of the procession had targeted their homes during the rally. Earlier, amid chants of “Jai Sri Ram”, BJP lawmaker Arun Bhimawad had announced that the houses of those who pelted stones would be demolished.

Hindu supremacist groups make minors take pledge to marry within their faith

Hindutva supremacist groups organized an anti-Muslim event in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, during which minor girls were made to take an oath not to marry outside their religion. This was done in the name of preventing “Love Jihad”, an anti-Muslim conspiracy that claims Muslim men have an agenda to seduce and convert Hindu women. Despite being debunked, the conspiracy remains a rallying point for Hindu extremists against Muslims. 

Police arrest nine Muslim youths in two months over terror charges

Police in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state have arrested nine Muslim students and graduates from the Aligarh Muslim University over the past two months under India’s draconian anti-terror law, the heavily criticized Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). 

UN human rights experts have repeatedly highlighted grave concerns regarding the UAPA, which allows the designation of any individual as a “terrorist,” bypassing the requirement to establish membership of, or association with, banned groups.

Indian government continues to abuse minorities, critics: Human Rights Watch

The BJP-led Indian government undermined its aspirations for global leadership as a rights-respecting democracy during 2023 with its persistent policies and practices that discriminate and stigmatize religious and other minorities, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday in its World Report 2024.

The Hindu nationalist government also arrested activists, journalists, opposition politicians, and other critics of the government on politically motivated criminal charges, including terrorism, the organization noted.