Police beat, verbally abuse Muslim minor and classmates - IAMC

Muslim minor and classmates assaulted, called by Islamophobic slurs by police

In yet another disturbing crime against a minor, a 12-year-old Muslim boy was beaten and verbally abused by police officials in Ranchi, Jharkhand state. The minor reported that the incident occurred when he and a few of his madrassa classmates were on their way to a Quran recitation for a funeral, after a police officer, Ajay Kumar, overheard him referring to police with slang terms. 

Kumar lifted the boy by his neck, began beating him, and then dragged him to the police station, where the minor and his classmates were subjected to Islamophobic slurs and hate speech. When a senior classmate tried to intervene, he was struck and injured on the forehead.  

“They kept saying how all skull cap wearers (Muslims) are terrorists. Then a Hindu man came from a nearby area and instigated the officers to thrash us more, he also verbally abused us,” the minor reported.

In violent hate speech, BJP leader says he will pluck Muslims’ eyes out

In Maharashtra state’s Solapur district, serial hatemonger and BJP leader T. Raja Singh encouraged violence against Muslims at a Hindu supremacist event. In addition to encouraging Hindus to establish a Hindu ethno-state, Singh called for an economic boycott of Muslims and urged officials to combat cow slaughter and “love jihad.” 

“If the state government fails, we will teach them a lesson. We will make sure to pluck these jihadis’ eyes [out] and play with them,” he said. 

Police open fire at “cattle smugglers” in Uttar Pradesh, four injured

In separate incidents in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar and Sitapur, police opened fire at four alleged “cattle smugglers,” leaving them wounded. 

The incident is the latest in an ongoing trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Over the last month, multiple instances of injuries and the death of a Muslim man due to police firing have occurred over the same allegations. 

Police arrest students for putting pro-Palestine posters outside Starbucks 

Police in Kerala state arrested six student activists, including four women, for putting up pro-Palestine posters outside a Starbucks outlet. The posters read “Free Palestine” and “Caution: Contents May Fund Genocide.” Starbucks is among dozens of global brands that are facing boycott calls due to their support for Israel and its ongoing genocide against Palestinians.

With India’s Hindu right fully in support of Israel, officials have been targeting those who support and protest in favor of Palestine, subjecting them to police brutality and arrests. Meanwhile, Hindu extremists have been organizing pro-Israel rallies and religious events without facing any legal action. 

Cow vigilantes chase truck allegedly transporting cattle, thrash men

Violent Hindu cow vigilantes from the extremist group Gau Raksha Dal chased a pickup truck transporting cattle and then assaulted two people who were in the truck. 

Last week, in BJP-ruled Gujarat’s Bharuch, violent Hindu extremist cow vigilantes brutally assaulted a Muslim man, Aslam, over allegations of “transporting cattle.”