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Muslim student beaten by Hindu extremists at university in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra’s Pune, a 19-year-old Muslim university student was beaten on campus by Hindu extremists, who accused him of “love jihad” and threatened to kill him. The police have not made any arrests. 

Hindu militants are known for violently policing interfaith relationships and interactions between Muslim men and Hindu women, resulting in Muslim men being publicly attacked, arbitrarily arrested, and sometimes lynched.  

Hindu militants disrupt Christian prayer meet over alleged forced conversion

In Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, members of Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal disrupted a Christian prayer meet over baseless suspicions of forced religious conversion. 

Raids on churches and prayer meetings have become common under several Indian states’ draconian anti-conversion laws, which criminalize conversion away from Hinduism.

Meat shops forcibly shut down ahead of Hindu religious festival

In Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Haryana’s Faridabad, members of a Hindu supremacist group forcibly shut down meat shops, the majority of which are run by Muslims.

In the capital city of Delhi, a member of the far-right BJP, Ravinder Singh Negi, visited several meat shops and demanded that they remain closed during the Hindu religious festival, Navratri. 

Church screens anti-Muslim propaganda film for students, promotes conspiracies

In Kerala, a Catholic church screened an anti-Muslim propaganda movie, “The Kerala Story”, for students. The film demonizes Muslims as terrorist conspirators and falsely claims that 32,000 Hindu women from Kerala state converted to Islam to join ISIS.

Students were also given a book that contained information on “Love Jihad,” an anti-Muslim conspiracy that claims Muslim men have an agenda to seduce and convert women to Islam. 

Hindu paramilitary group RSS organizes anti-Muslim hate speech event

In Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, members of the Hindu paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – including minors – marched through the streets, wielding canes to the beats of drums. In Jaipur, Rajasthan, RSS supporters organized an event where speakers delivered anti-Muslim hate speech filled with conspiracy theories.

In Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist leader Dhanajay Desai justified the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and called for building temple over a Muslim shrine in Pune. In Bikaner, BJP leader Vedika Vyas played anti-Muslim songs at a religious event. In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Hindu supremacist influencer Kajal Hindustani promoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.