Hindus demand wall separating them from Muslim-majority neighbors - IAMC

Muslim trader assaulted, stripped, beard shaved while travelling on train

A Hindu extremist mob brutally assaulted and publicly humiliated a 27-year-old Muslim textile trader while traveling on a train to Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. The attackers shaved his head and beard, and partially stripped him.

Similar hateful attacks on railways have occurred in the fast. In July last year, a Hindu extremist railway policeman opened fire on a train resulting in the death of three Muslim passengers. In January, a Muslim trader was stripped, beaten and coerced into chanting “Jai Sri Ram” while traveling on a train.

200 Muslims booked for offering Eid prayers on roadside in Uttar Pradesh

Police in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut booked at least 200 Muslims for offering Eid prayers on the roadside outside of a mosque. Police alleged that the prayers led to traffic congestion.

Amid the increasing criminalization of Muslim symbols and practices by the BJP government, Muslims across India face criminal charges for offering prayers in public spaces.

Police open fire at alleged “cattle smugglers,” victims sustains bullet wound

In two separate incidents in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur and Jaunpur, police fired gunshots at two alleged “cattle smugglers,” who sustained bullet injuries in their legs. 

The incident is the latest in an ongoing trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Over the last few months, multiple such injuries have occurred due to police firing.

Hindu paramilitary group marches with arms on Eid day

In Mau, Uttar Pradesh, during the Muslim festival of Eid, members of India’s largest Hindu paramilitary group, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were seen marching through the streets carrying sticks. In Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, members of the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal were found selling swords, knives and canes. 

The growing weaponization of violent Hindu supremacists is a cause of concern for the minority Muslim community, who are being threatened with mass slaughter by Hindu extremist groups.

Hindu religious preachers peddle anti-Muslim hate in Rajasthan

In Sikar, Rajasthan, Hindu supremacist poet Ram Bhadawar read a hateful poem targeting Muslims and advocated for violence against minorities. In Salambur, Hindu preacher Sadhvi Saraswati delivered a communal speech calling for taking over mosques in Kashi and Mathura. In Barmer, Hindu preacher Dhirendra Krishna Shastri promoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theory of “love jihad”. 

In Moshi, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist leader Dhananjay Desai made fear-mongering comments about Muslims. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Hindu extremist news anchor Suresh Chavhanke delivered a hate speech against Muslims and called for law to curb their population