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BJP leaders deliver anti-Muslim hate speeches at election rallies in Gujarat, Uttarakhand

Far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shashikant Pandya made anti-Muslim remarks at an election rally in Deesa, Gujarat. 

“This is Hindustan and not Pakistan. Hindustan is for Hindus and Pakistan is for Muslims, there is nothing wrong with that. Hindus need to wake up, if we don’t we won’t have our country tomorrow. For the safety of Hindu sisters and daughters, vote for BJP,” he said. 

Anil Baluni, another BJP candidate, also delivered a communal speech targeting Muslims during an election rally in Garhwal, Uttrakhand. 

Hindu extremist delivers inflammatory speech inciting Hindus against Muslims

In BJP-ruled Haryana’s Faridabad, Hindu extremist cow vigilante leader Bittu Bajrangi delivered an inflammatory speech targeting Muslims living in Mewat city. Bajrangi was arrested last year for using hate speech to incite mass anti-Muslim violence in Haryana state, but was later granted bail. 

In Dhule, Maharashtra, Sanjay Sharma, a Hindu supremacist and independent candidate for the upcoming elections, delivered a hate speech targeting Muslims. He peddled the anti-Muslim conspiracies of “love jihad” and “land Jihad” and demonized the Muslims residents in the neighborhood. 

Cafe denies entry to hijab-wearing woman in capital city Delhi

A Muslim woman was stopped from entering a cafe in the capital city of Delhi because she was wearing a hijab. After public outcry over the incident, the director of the café issued an apology. 

In recent years, several Muslim students have been denied entry into schools and colleges across India for wearing the hijab. Apart from the academic institutions, Hijabi women have started to face hatred in public spaces as well.