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Hindu procession chants slogans associated with mob lynchings outside Rajasthan mosque

In Bikaner, Rajasthan, Hindu extremists chanted the warcry “Jai Sri Ram” – a slogan commonly associated with mob lynchings and other anti-Muslim violence – in front of a mosque as part of a Hindu religious procession.

Hindu processions passing through Muslim-majority areas routinely engage in provocative behaviors, including by vandalizing mosques and attacking Muslims and their properties.

Hindu supremacist influencer delivers anti-Muslim hate speech in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, Telangana, Hindu supremacist social media influencer Kajal Hindustani delivered a hate speech promoting fear and hate against Muslims. United States-based research group India Hate Lab (IHL) ranked Hindustani as the number one individual delivering the most hate speeches at in-person events in 2023.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, at an election-related event seeking support for the far-right BJP, preacher Sadhvi Pragya Bharti called for building temples in Mathura and Varanasi cities. Historic mosques in both cities have been the target of Hindu supremacists, who demand that the mosques be demolished. 

Officials order all meat, beef shops to be closed during Jain festival in Hyderabad

Officials in Hyderabad, Telangana have ordered all sheep, goat, and cattle slaughterhouses, as well as retail meat and beef shops to remain closed on the occasion of a Jain religious festival, Mahavir Jayanti.

Last week, in the capital city of Delhi, a member of the far-right BJP, Ravinder Singh Negi, visited several meat shops and demanded that they remain closed during the Hindu religious festival, Navratri. The move blatantly targets Muslims, who are the main demographic selling meat. 

Muslim shrine vandalized and desecrated in Bihar

In Gaya, Bihar, extremists vandalized and desecrated a Muslims shrine. 

Hindu extremists commonly film themselves demolishing Muslim shrines, often while shouting the Hindu supremacist slogan “Jai Shri Ram.”