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Muslims Boycotted

Muslims report being evicted, boycotted by Hindus in Maharashtra

Over a month after anti-Muslim violence erupted in Maharashtra state’s Satara, Muslim residents of local villages have reported facing economic boycotts and being forcibly evicted from rented houses owned by Hindus. 

The violence claimed the life of one Muslim youth, Nurul Hasan, and ten others were seriously injured. 

Hindu militants demand Muslims be barred from Hindu festival, call for ID checks

The violent Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has demanded that non-Hindus be barred from entering garba events, which stem from Hindu traditions but have been celebrated for years by all faiths throughout India.  

The VHP has claimed that participants’ ID cards should be checked to “prevent Love Jihad,” implying that Muslim men go to these events to seduce and convert Hindu women to Islam. 

Hindu extremist leaders give hate speeches in Uttar Pradesh

Hate speech events continue to be held on a regular basis throughout India. In Uttar Pradesh, at an event organized by the militant groups VHP and Bajrang Dal, a Hindu extremist leader said, “This country doesn’t belong to those who give Azan (Muslim call to prayer).” Also in Uttar Pradesh, a VHP leader used the escalating violence in Gaza to spread anti-Muslim hatred and propaganda.


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