Protest the attack against IAMC and Indian Muslims by virulent nexus of Islamophobic and Hindutva elements - IAMC
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Protest the attack against IAMC and Indian Muslims by virulent nexus of Islamophobic and Hindutva elements

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On December 7, 2020, Newsweekpublished an article by known Islamophobe Sam Westrop, whose employer, the Middle East Forum is run by infamous anti-Muslim provocateur Daniel Pipes. MEF was called out by the Southern Poverty Law Center as having “spent the better part of three decades vilifying Muslims.”
Among many baseless allegations that are part of the article, Westrop has included a baseless allegation against the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), an established advocacy organization of Indian Muslims as being “an anti-Hindu Islamist group with alleged ties to SIMI, a banned terrorist organization in India.”
This is the same baseless allegation against IAMC that has been repeated ad nauseum by Hindutva supremacist organizations in the US. The fact that this smear campaign has now been picked up by American Islamophobes is not surprising. Recently, Hindu American Foundation has entered into a joint effort with MEF to target Muslim organizations in the US. 
IAMC has written a detailed letter to Newsweek, demanding the article be withdrawn. However more needs to be done in order to hold Newsweek accountable for its shoddy and irresponsible journalism, and to expose the unholy nexus of Zionist and Hindutva supremacist forces now rallying together to attack the largest advocacy organization of Indian Muslims.
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Email the following Editorial staff and demand that Newsweek pull down the article defaming IAMC and Indian Muslims or remove the defamatory reference: 

Nancy Cooper – Global Editor in Chief:
Diane Harris – Deputy Editor in Chief:
Melissa Jewsbury – Managing Editor:

Twitter Handle of Newsweek: @Newsweek


Respectfully request that Newsweek pull down the article with the baseless allegation against IAMC. Provide reference to the article at

IAMC is not anti-Hindu. It is not an Islamist group. It has no ties to SIMI

The article’s author is on the staff of the Middle East Forum, a discredited Islamophobic operation dedicated to religious bigotry and run by known anti-Muslim provocateur Daniel Pipes.

IAMC is a reputed advocacy organization with a track record of advocacy work over the last 18 years. Unlike the notorious Middle East Forum, IAMC has respectability with members of Congress, Congressional committees, and other Congressional entities such as the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission.

The attack against IAMC is clearly rooted in Hindutva supremacist organizations based in the US that are now collaborating with Islamophobic and Zionist organizations to amplify their smear campaign against IAMC.
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