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Americans ask Biden to rescind State Dinner invitation to Modi

Sign the Petition: Americans ask Biden to rescind State Dinner invitation to Narendra Modi due to India’s democratic backslide

I urge President Biden to revoke the invitation extended to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a state visit to the White House on June 22. This request is based on India’s significant regression in upholding democratic principles and the alarming human rights violations against minority groups that have occurred under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership.

Modi champions Hindutva, a radical Nazi-inspired ideology that seeks to transform India from a secular democracy into a Hindu ethno-state. The invitation to Modi as a state guest signals that the US supports India’s crackdown on fundamental democratic rights and emboldens the Modi Administration to intensify its anti-democratic agenda.

The Modi Administration routinely jails political critics and opponents; enforces anti-minority laws; engineers a monopoly over the media; manipulates the judiciary; and provides impunity to Hindu mobs that attack and kill Muslims and Christians. Modi has failed to act against Hindu extremists allied with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) who repeatedly call for a genocide of India’s 250 million Muslims. US-based Genocide Watch has said India’s Muslims are at Stage 8 of their 10 Stages of Genocide tracking system.

I thus call upon the Biden administration to immediately rescind Modi’s invitation to the White House and openly condemn his attempts to subvert Indian democracy.


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