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Senior BJP ministers repeat Modi’s anti-Muslim talking points during election rallies

During an election rally in Kankar, Chhattisgarh, federal minister Amit Shah repeated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Muslim and Hindu supremacist talking points by saying that the Opposition party, if voted to power, would redistribute the nation’s wealth among Muslims. 

In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Hindu militant monk and state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made similar claims, and further declared that the opposition party intends to implement Sharia Law – a blatant lie aimed at demonizing Islam and Muslims as well as the opposition party.

BJP lawmaker calls for taking over of mosques at election-related event

With India’s general elections approaching, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politicians have ramped up anti-Muslim hate speech during election rallies to win Hindu votes. In Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao, BJP lawmaker Sakshi Maharaj delivered a hateful speech at an election event and called for taking over historic mosques. 

“Ram Temple is ready,” he said. “Kashi (Gyanvapi mosque) is almost ours, Mathura (Shahi Idgah mosque) is next.”

In Nashik, Maharashtra, Hindu supremacist influencer Harsha Thakur called for armed anti-Muslim violence

Hindu supremacist leader threatens violence against Christians in Assam

During celebrations of a Hindu religious festival in BJP-ruled Assam’s Dibrugarh, Hindu supremacist group leader Prakash Rai threatened violence against Christians over baseless allegations of forced religious conversions. 

Rai falsely claimed that Christians were converting Hindus in exchange for money. He further implied that his group would use vigilante violence against Christians, saying, “The Hindu Kranti Dal will not tolerate this. If the conversion of Hindus continues, the [we] will stop it in our own style.”

Police open fire at alleged “cattle smugglers,” victims sustains bullet wound

In two separate incidents in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur and Hardoi, police fired gunshots at two alleged “cattle smugglers,” who sustained bullet injuries in their legs. 

The incident is the latest in an ongoing trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Multiple such injuries have occurred on a near-weekly basis due to police firing.