"Sold Wife's Jewellery": He Converted His Auto-Rickshaw Into Ambulance  - IAMC
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“Sold Wife’s Jewellery”: He Converted His Auto-Rickshaw Into Ambulance 


Before the raging second wave of the Covid pandemic, 34-year-old Javed Khan was just another auto-rickshaw driver in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal. But as Mr Khan watched how the deadly wave left people stranded for medical treatment across the country, he decided to turn his bread-winning vehicle into a 24×7 ambulance service, equipped with an oxygen cylinder, hand-sanitiser, PPE kit and oximeter.


“I saw on social media and news channels how people were being carried to hospitals but due to the shortage of ambulances, they were not getting them. So, I thought I should come forward for the sake of humanity. I sold my wife’s locket, arranged an oxygen cylinder and converted my auto-rickshaw into an ambulance,” Mr Khan said.


After selling his wife’s jewellery, Mr Khan learnt how to use the oxygen cylinder and the oximeter from a doctor in order to help the people whom he would ferry in his auto-rickshaw. The equipment was given to Khan by a donor….