Stage Set for IMC-USA's Second Landmark Event on August 07, 2004 in Chicago, IL. - IAMC
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Stage Set for IMC-USA’s Second Landmark Event on August 07, 2004 in Chicago, IL.

June 23, 2004

Chicago, IL – IMC-USA, an advocacy organization working to promote values of pluralism, tolerance and respect for human rights, with a particular focus on the Indian Diaspora in the United States, has launched a nationwide campaign to promote and invite concerned individuals and groups to its second Annual convention in Chicago, IL.

IMC-USA’s convention last year in Santa Clara, CA focused on the rise of religious fanaticism in India and the threat to India’s secularism and democracy. The recent changes in India’s political climate is a welcome sign, but the threats still persist. Hindutva ultranationalist forces, that espouse a hate-based and divisive ideology, point to the failure in implementing Hindutva as the main reason for their recent political misfortunes. Hindutva leaders are now calling for their cadres to go back to hard core “muscular” Hindutva. This is a dangerous trend as Hindutva has a hidden agenda for the marginalized and as an ideology, needs a hate-object to keep itself alive.

IMC-USA’s second annual convention will focus on India’s Muslims, the largest minority group in the world, and the highly focused activities and workgroups will address the contributions, present day issues and the future direction for Indian Muslims (and other minorities) to thwart the menace of Hindutva. The full day event with the theme, “Indian Muslims: Past, Present and Future”, will be addressed by prominent scholars and social scientists. Several prominent leaders, activists and representatives of Dalit, Hindu and Indian-Christian communities will also address the convention.

Rasheed Ahmed, the president of the Chicago chapter of IMC-USA reminded the delegates to pre-register before the convention as the tickets will likely be sold out and no tickets will be sold at the door.

For more information and to register, delegates and journalists can do the following:

Phone: 630-926-2881