'Stripped, Hurt, Private Parts Targeted': 2 Women on Cop Action at Protest Near Amit Shah's House - IAMC
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‘Stripped, Hurt, Private Parts Targeted’: 2 Women on Cop Action at Protest Near Amit Shah’s House

Two student activists of the All India Students Association have said that they were stripped and repeatedly kicked in their private parts by women constables of the Delhi police while they were protesting near the residence of Union home minister Amit Shah on Sunday, October 10, seeking the arrest of the son of Shah’s junior minister, Ajoy Mishra’s son Ashish in connection with the Lakhimpur Kheri incident.


One of the alleged victims wrote on social media…. that “both of us were first taken to opposite sides of the road and were then dragged onto the road for a good 300-400 metres. The women police personnel on duty first proceeded to lift off my kurta in order to shame me, threw me inside the bus and then proceeded to kick my private parts repeatedly for 20 minutes. They did the same thing with (name withheld) and repeatedly stomped on her right foot to inflict severe pain. They only stopped when I started crying profusely due to the immense pain I’d started feeling inside my vagina.”


All this while, the girl narrated, “the male police personnel were simply standing and watching all of this happen. The women personnel especially targeted clothes as well as private parts in order to induce shame and pain – this tactic has been followed by the Delhi police in other protests as well.”…