Supreme Court Grants Former BJP Spokesperson & Hate Monger Nupur Sharma Interim Relief, Protection From Arrest Until August 10 - IAMC

Supreme Court Grants Former BJP Spokesperson & Hate Monger Nupur Sharma Interim Relief, Protection From Arrest Until August 10

In yet another clear move to appease India’s Hindu extremist majority, the Supreme Court granted suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma interim relief, protecting her from coercive action in connection with several cases filed against her over her blasphemous remarks on Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Sharma is also protected from arrest until August 10, allowing her to continue to walk free without consequences for stirring up anti-Muslim hatred.

This protection was granted on the basis that Sharma is currently facing threats to her life from “fringe elements.” However, the same bench just weeks ago had criticized Sharma for her “arrogance,” her insincere apology for her hateful comments, and her irresponsible behavior as spokesperson of India’s ruling party.

Sharma’s hate speech had sparked largely peaceful protests by Muslims across the nation, which were met with police brutality, arrests, and home demolitions.

Sharma will receive  this protection until she is able to make a case for the charges against her to be dropped, highlighting how heavily biased India’s justice system is in favor of Hindu supremacists, while Muslims and other minorities battle terrorism charges for dissenting against the Modi government.

Four Muslims Arrested For Praying In Uttar Pradesh Mall, Hindu Extremist Priest Seeks “Cleanse” Of Mall

Four Muslim men have been arrested for offering prayers in Lulu Mall in Uttar Pradesh state, an incident that was recorded and then went viral on social media, sparking anti-Muslim outrage among Hindu supremacists, who are now calling for Hindu prayers to be conducted at the mall as well as for a boycott of the mall.

In response, Hindu extremist seer Paramhans Das attempted to enter the mall and “cleanse” it with water. He was prevented by entering by law enforcement, leading to a scuffle. Das has attempted similar stunts in the past, including trying to conduct a Hindu ritual inside the Muslim-constructed Taj Mahal.

The Hindu supremacist group Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha threatened that if Muslims offered prayers in the mall again, Hindus would respond by chanting their own prayers.

“People from a particular community are being allowed to offer namaz inside the mall. The mall authorities should also allow Hindus and people from other communities to offer prayers,” said Sishir Charturvedi, spokesperson for the group.

Muslims have had their rights to openly express their faith constricted by Hindu extremists. By contrast, Hindus rarely face social consequences for disruptive public displays of their faith.

SC Says Mohammed Zubair Caught In “Vicious Cycle” Of Arrests And Bail, Amnesty International Tweets In Support Of Zubair

The Supreme Court observed that Muslim journalist and AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zuhair is caught in a “vicious cycle” of judicial harassment as Hindu extremists in Uttar Pradesh state have filed six cases against him.

“What seems to be happening is the moment he got bail in Delhi, he got bail in Sitapur. The moment that happens, there is another FIR or he is produced in another FIR,” the bench said.

“There have been cash rewards announced for registering FIR or to get him arrested… This is how criminal law machinery has to be used to target a journalist whom you do not agree with,” said Vrinda Grover, counsel for Zubair.

World-renowned human rights organization Amnesty International’s India chapter has slammed the ongoing judicial harassment of Muslim journalist and AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zuhair, who battling a number of cases filed by Hindu supremacists over his work to debunk fake news and expose Hindu extremist propaganda.

“Mohammed Zubair’s continuing detention is an alarming reminder that you are not allowed to speak the truth in India. Debunking fake news is not a crime. [Zubair] must be immediately and unconditionally released,” Amnesty India tweeted, along with the hashtags #FreeZubair and #ProtectDissent.

Zubair is currently battling false charges of insulting Hindu religious sentiments on a number of occasions. The Supreme Court will hear Zubair’s plea seeking to quash the cases against him on July 20.