Supreme Court says pleas against release of Hindu murderer-rapists “very irritating” - IAMC

Supreme Court says pleas against release of Hindu murderer-rapists “very irritating”

In a show  of blatant disrespect towards the suffering of a Muslim rape victim, the Supreme Court resfused to  hear a petition filed by Bilkis Bano against the shocking release of 11 Hindu extremist men convicted of gang-raping her and murdering her family members in 2002, stating that constantly listing the plea for urgent hearing was “very irritating.”

“Don’t keep mentioning the same thing again and again. It is very irritating,” the court said.  

The court’s disrespectful remarks are an indication of the way India’s judiciary, along with all other pillars of democracy, have been completely compromised by favoring Hindu supremacism over justice.


When she was 21 years old, Bano was attacked by a Hindu mob along with 16 other family members while fleeing Hindu extremist mob violence in her Gujarat village. Bano, who was five months pregnant, was gang-raped and brutally assaulted, along with her mother and other women in her family. Bano’s three-year-old daughter was killed when a Hindu extremist smashed her on the ground. Only three members of the family survived the attack, including Bano. 

The extremists, whose release was facilitated by the Supreme Court itself in August, have been welcomed with open arms by violent Hindu supremacists. 

US-based forensics firm says false evidence was planted on activist’s device before arrest  

A Massachusetts-based digital forensics firm has discovered that “evidence” used to convict Father Stan Swamy, an 84-year-old Jesuit priest and human rights activist, was fabricated and planted on his computer by a hacker. 

The firm, Arsenal Consulting, conducted its analysis at the request of the defense team for other activists incarcerated alongside Swamy in what is known as the Bhima Koregaon case. 

According to the Washington Post, the report reveals that Swamy was the “target of an extensive malware campaign for nearly five years, the longest known for any defendant, right up until his device was seized by police in June 2019. During that period, the hacker gained full access and had complete control over his computer, dropping dozens of files into a hidden folder without his knowledge.”

A digital forensics expert from the D.C.-based cybersecurity firm Volexity, Robert Jan Mora, called Arsenal’s report “really convincing,” adding that there is “firm evidence” to show the presence of malware on Swamy’s computer. 

Swamy’s friend, Jesuit priest Joseph Xavier, has stated that this report clears Swamy’s name. 

Swamy, who was the oldest person arrested under India’s draconian anti-terror law, had claimed his innocence in courts and pleaded for medical care, but Indian authorities denied him bail. He died in a hospital in July 2021 after spending more than eight months in jail on false terrorism charges.

Hindu supremacist declares that no Muslim should be allowed to hold office in a Hindu nation

Amid growing hate speech and instigation of violence against Muslims, Hindu extremist leader Pravin Togadia demanded that India will be made into a “Hindu Nation” where no Muslim should be allowed to hold office.  

“Muslims will not be allowed to hold any constitutional or government posts in the country,” he said, speaking at a rally in Assam state, which is ruled by the Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

In April 2003, Togadia was arrested for distributing tridents to members of the Hindu supremacist organization Bajrang Dal. He was released on bail on the condition that he would not distribute tridents but continued to distribute them.

By August 2013, Togadia had faced 19 criminal cases for making hate speeches. 

In April 2014, Togadia was booked after his speech instructing Hindus to evict Muslims from their neighborhoods. He remains a Hindu supremacist icon who has faced little to no consequences for repeatedly encouraging violence against Muslims.