Telangana State’s Chief Minister, A Prominent Opposition Politician, Says Hate Politics Will Take India Back 100 Years - IAMC

Telangana State’s Chief Minister, A Prominent Opposition Politician, Says Hate Politics Will Take India Back 100 Years

Telangana state’s Chief Minister and prominent Opposition politician, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, has said that India was in a dangerous situation with the politics of hate besieging it.

There was no other discussion or debate in the country other than the religious madness and that people’s needs had taken a backseat, he said in a speech at Telangana formation day celebrations on Thursday.

This politics of “hatred will take the country back by 100 years,” and it will take “another 100 years for the country to recover from this terrible situation,” he added. This attempt “to gain political advantage out of communal conflicts” was  a “dangerous agenda.”

While countries that attained freedom along with India were becoming stronger, “we are still fighting over caste and religious differences.”

He warned that if destructive elements were allowed to have their say, the unity of the country would be endangered. “If the violence continues there will not be any new international investment and even the existing investment may fly out. This may also endanger the survival of millions of expatriate Indians employed in various countries.

“People in this country need jobs, employment, projects, water, and electricity. If the country needs to be on the progressive and development path, it needs new agriculture, industrial and economic policies. For this, we need to find ways for a new socioeconomic and political agenda,” he said.

Violence In Uttar Pradesh City As Hindus Object Muslim Shutdown Call Against BJP Leader’s Remarks Against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Violence between Hindus an Muslims broke out in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh after local Muslims observed a shutdown and took out a procession after Friday prayers to protest insulting remarks about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) made by a BJP leader on national television last month.

Soon after, a clash broke out between Muslims and Hindus, district officials said. At least six persons were injured as Muslims clashed with the police.

Police said 18 people were arrested. The injured were rushed to the hospital. A senior police officer also suffered injuries in the clashes.

According to reports, the violence broke out in the Becongunj area near Yatimkhana after police baton-charged some locals. Hundreds of people soon took to the streets in protest.

Some locals, including shopkeepers, reportedly observed a shutdown and had taken out a procession after Friday prayers over an allegedly insulting remark about Prophet Mohammad made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, a Hindu extremist, on national television.

While initially the situation was brought under control, the violence resumed a little later with at least two shots being fired.

Karnataka Government Announces It Won’t Allow Hijabi Women From Taking State-Level Examinations For Professional Courses

There is no end to Islamohpobic actions by the Hindu extremist government of Karnataka state. It has now announced it would not allow students wearing hijab to enter examination halls to take the Common Entrance Test (CET) for admissions to professional courses.

The CET examinations are to be held on June 16-18. The students have been asked to attend CET with respective uniforms.

Students attending CET are not allowed to wear ‘Mangal Sutras’, nose ring, earring, gold chain, bangles and other gold ornaments. The students have also been asked not to bring watches, calculators and any electronic device.