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“The beauty of India”: Jain neighbour’s last-minute iftar meal goes viral

Dubai: As many across India marked the first day of Ramadan, a tweet went viral for embodying the true spirit of Ramadan as well as India’s multicultural society.

Tweep @journalistreyaz shared two pictures of very different cuisines on the iftar spread at his home and wrote: “As we sat to have #Iftar (first image) at home, the door bell suddenly rang. Irritated Ammi rushed to check who it was bang at iftar time. One of our Jain neighbours’ aunty brought this (second image) for the first Iftar of the year. #Ramadan #Ramzan #KnowYourNeighbour”

The sweet gesture by a friendly neighbour reminded many social media users of the diversity in religion and cultures in India, with the tweet receiving over 6,000 likes, more than 1,000 retweets and hundreds of comments.

“Real nationalism”

Many tweeps were touched by the message and commented on how the two pictures showed India’s true spirit. Tweep @madyogifree wrote: “That’s #Bharat we all know.” Twitter user @Krishmishthi added: This is our country’s culture. Ramadan Mubarak!” Tweep @drabrar_qureshi commented: “That’s the beauty of India. I hope it will remain forever!”

“No” to hatred

Many Twitter users also felt that the tweet was a welcome relief from the communal hatred and divisive conversation that had taken over recently. Tweep @tweety9901 wrote: “This is my India, where we celebrate all the festival’s with equal spirit and share love. Thank her for keeping this spirit alive.”

In a tweet in Hindi, @Muniba_Shahid wrote: “This is real Hindustan … some people are plotting to spread hatred in India but they will never succeed. #LongLiveIndia.. In the end, love will triumph over hate, inshaAllah.”

Cross-border love

A Twitter user from Pakistan, @AminAnsari82, wrote: “Great gesture. A very neighbourly gesture. I live in Lahore. Parents from Bhopal. This is the India they told us.”

Others had more pressing concerns – hinting towards the shortage that some people experienced of the popular drink Rooh Afza in Indian markets, @PresidentVerde wrote: “There should be a CBI enquiry. Where did you get #RoohAfza from?”

The hashtag used in the original tweet #Knowyourneighbour is part of an initiative in the Indian state of Bengal, aimed at promoting communal harmony.

Link: https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/india/the-beauty-of-india-jain-neighbours-last-minute-iftar-meal-goes-viral-1.63815652