The man who cries wolf - By Charu Sudan Kasturi - IAMC
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The man who cries wolf – By Charu Sudan Kasturi

…. Whether it’s criticism of its human rights record or a global investigation revealing the use of Israeli spyware against those it views as opponents, you know Modi’s team will argue it’s a conspiracy to defame the prime minister and – since Modi to them is synonymous with India – the country.

It’s a strategy that works when most people don’t know better. But like the boy who cried wolf, there’s only so many times it works before even those who want to believe you start wondering if they’re being played. And for the Modi government, the problem is particularly serious: a prime minister who has long craved global validation now finds himself exposed before the world, thanks to back-to-back crises that have resonated internationally….

Put simply, Modi’s global reputation is today at its lowest ebb since he came to power in 2014. And crying wolf once again won’t fix it.