US Lawyers Write to President Biden on Farmers' Protests, Modi Govt's Repressive Tactics  - IAMC
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US Lawyers Write to President Biden on Farmers’ Protests, Modi Govt’s Repressive Tactics 


More than 40 lawyers of south Asian descent have written an open letter to US President Joseph Biden, asking him to take note of the farmers’ protests and the methods of repressing it taken up by the Centre.


The letter is also marked to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Weldon Meeks, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jim Risch, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission chairmen James P. McGovern and Christopher H. Smith, and Chair of US Commission on International Religious Freedom Gayle Manchin.


Noting the scale of the protests and the way the laws against which they are being done were rushed through parliament, the statement goes on to highlight how the Narendra Modi government has been keen to repress the peaceful protests by violent and illegal means, including arrests and censorship….