Why Police Report Doesn't Mention Kapil Mishra's Speech in Delhi Riots Chargeesheet - By Tarique Anwar - IAMC
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Why Police Report Doesn’t Mention Kapil Mishra’s Speech in Delhi Riots Chargeesheet – By Tarique Anwar




Despite multiple damning orders by Delhi courts, the city police has woven its entire theory around protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) — accusing those who were actively opposing the controversial legislation of hatching a “conspiracy” to cause communal violence in the North-East district of the national capital….


However, a closer look at the turn of events paints a completely different picture — which investigators seem to have conveniently ignored. With this, serious questions have been and continue to be raised on the fairness of their year-long investigations — which are set to be scrutinised by courts as the trial begins.


…. In spite of presence of ample evidence to prove that the violence reportedly began following a provocative speech by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra during a pro-CAA rally at Maujpur traffic signal, close to Jaffrabad Metro Station, the police seem to be hiding the fact by choosing not to address the flashpoint of the riots….