A Dozen Cows Found Dead Near BJP Worker's 'Gaushala' In Madhya Pradesh - IAMC
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A Dozen Cows Found Dead Near BJP Worker’s ‘Gaushala’ In Madhya Pradesh

At least a dozen cows were found dead in a swamp, and on an adjoining hillock, close to a ‘gaushala’ (home for cows) owned and operated by BJP leader Varun Agarwal in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh earlier this week.

The dead animals were discovered after a local cattle owner came to the ‘gaushala’ in search of his cows, which had been sent there by the local municipal body after being found wandering on the streets. The cattle owner, Amba Ram, found his cows alive but saw the carcasses of several others.

The Dewas Municipal Corporation was duly alerted and a team visited the ‘gaushala’ on Wednesday to investigate the situation. The team found cows stuck in a swamp just outside the shelter’s gate; one of those stuck had died. They also found the carcasses of at least 10 others on a nearby hillock.…