A Hindu and a Muslim man in Kanpur come together to help migrants - IAMC

A Hindu and a Muslim man in Kanpur come together to help migrants

As the Indian government is busy battling coronavirus pandemic, the citizens too are not behind in extending their support and making sure that the poor survive even through these hard times. People across faiths have been coming to the forefront and helping the needy. Similar scene can be witnessed at a National Highway 2 in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh where a Hindu and a Muslim man are working together, distributing food packets and other necessary items especially to the migrants passing by. In a bid to ward off hunger woes, various individuals and organisations across the country have been distributing food and grocery items to the needy since the Prime Minster has imposed nationwide lockdown. Two among them are Kanpur’s Amit Pandey and Sohaib Ahmad who have been working relentlessly to distribute food and other necessary items to the migrants who are passing through the National Highway. Their act is not just a wonderful example of humanity but also showcases the harmonious coexistence of different faiths in the country. Though working in different groups, their motive is same that is to help the migrants in meeting few of their necessities.